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Live Events

Whether it's a small corporate event or a large convention, we specialize in helping make live events a success. With the latest in audiovisual equipment and technology, you'll be sure to impress the crowd.

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Live Events

Our company has over 25 years of experience in the live event space. We really strive to meet our clients needs and expectations, and go above and beyond for them. The team at show gear recognizes that no two events are the same, and that every event comes with it's own unique set of challenges. This is where we heavily rely on our experts to execute a perfect production, while keeping a consistent look and feel to the clients core vision. Our team dives in every step of the way and communicates and collaborates in great detail to produce the best original event for our clients. Let us help bring your event to life and schedule a meeting with us.

Featured Client Success: IMEX

IMEX is the show that innovates, inspires and presents new opportunities for the global meetings industry. In the heart of one of the world's largest outbound meetings markets, IMEX America sets the pace for doing business on an international scale. Increasing in size and scope annually, this event features the largest hosted buyer program in North America and attracts thousands from the U.S. and around the world. For over a decade SHOWGEAR PRODUCTIONS has been the backbone of the IMEX show by providing audio/visual, and technical support, to one of the largest and most important events in our industry.

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Client Testimonials

Helen Francis

“Partnering with Show Gear has taken our event production quality to the next level. We can't thank them enough!”

// Event Promoter at Hilton Resorts
Thomas Steele

“Show Gear has been timely, professional, and reliable. They know their stuff. We highly recommend them!”

// Entrepreneur
Maude Young

“The white glove service we receive from Show Gear has surpassed our expectations. They really care and you can tell.”

// Marketing Director at ABC Media

Experiential Rentals

Let Your Next Event Be Truly Remarkable And Unforgettable! Showgear Productions Offers Some Of The Most Creative, Innovative, and Immersive Expierences For Any Event To Stand Out Above The Rest!

360° Digital Photo Booth

Experience the 360° revolution with the most innovative 360° photo booth in the event industry! 360 Photo Booths are a great way to capture memorable and unique photos of your guests at your next event. One of the best reasons to have a 360 Photo Booth at your event is that it gives guests a unique social experience that will inspire them to share it with others on their social media pages, and let everyone see how much fun they had at your event. This helps you build interest in upcoming events and attract repeat visits, not only from those who attended the original event but also those online who engaged with the guests' content. Ultimately, the more socially engaged your guests are, and share online, this helps bring awareness. Looking to Rent a 360 Photo Booth?

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Interactive Social Media

Outside of your everyday social media following, your event audience deserves a platform all of their own! With a Social Media Wall you can inspire attendees to share their thoughts and images, get their names on the event community leaderboard, and you watch engagement flourish in real time! The benefit for you? You can magnify the impact of your event. A presence on this level can boost the success of future events! Planning your next event?

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Interactive LED

As technology is improving, it has made it easier to capture the attention of audiences more efficiently, and In vastly more engaging and innovative ways than ever before. Interactive LED Displays are designed in a way that gives attendees beautiful and captivating visual experiences. This is a great strategy to offer event entertainment with a long-lasting impression. Interactive LED Displays can be increased or decreased according to your needs and requirements, allowing for greater customization, and creative designs unique to your event. Interested in an Interactive LED Wall Display?

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3D Projection Mapping

3D Projection Mapping is a technology used to turn objects into a display surface for video projection. By using specialized software, a two- or three-dimensional object is mapped onto the software, and the software can connect to a projector to fit any image onto the surface of that object. Our 3D Projection Mapping team can create art, portraits, scenes, and 3D effects which are simply astounding! Show Gear Productions has a true passion for creating themed visual experiences that allow entire environments to be transformed alongside the event’s schedule. Our 3D Mapping team is one of the best in the business that is unique and affordable. Interested in Hiring a 3D Projection Mapping team?

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